Mediumship Development Classes

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These Mediumship Development classes are designed to be fun, while learning and experiencing how to develop one’s natural mediumship abilities. These classes contain original content presented by the late Rev. Fred Cale, founder of the Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax, and other Spiritual Science Fellowship teachers. They also contain original exercises developed by Eileen Casey Gonzalez. These are offered in person in Edmonton, Alberta – Canada.

A Journey Through Mediumship Development

The Mediumship Development Classes take an individual on a journey through developing natural abilities to the point of being able to perform Mediumship Reading for others. These classes introduce participants to their natural gifts, while discussing various topic related to Spiritualism and mediumship. By the end of the first couple of classes participants should be able to perform simple readings for others. The classes contain many exercises which are designed to aide and strengthen mediumship abilities.

These are classes which are taught in person as they involve experiential work, class exercises, as well as home exercises. The more an individual participates in the classes the better they advance with their development. The classes are fun and held in a friendly environment.

Image of a woman's face faded against a background of a night full of stars. Meant to represent an image of a Spirit Guide.

Class Topics Include

The Mediumship Development Classes cover a variety of information related to Spiritualism and Mediumship.
Topics Include:

  • Spiritual Protection
  • Personal Energy
  • Dealing With Sensitivities For The Empath
  • Sensing Energy
  • Meditation
  • What it is to be Psychic, & What it is to be a Medium
  • Different Types Of Mediumship
  • Responsibility
  • Spirit Guides, & Sensing Spirits
  • Symbols & Color
  • Faculties Of Clairvoyance, The Intuitive Senses
  • Psychometry
  • Auras & Chakras
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Crystal Basics & Care
  • The Modern Spiritualist Movement
  • Telepathy
  • Remote Viewing
  • Making Use Of Tools
  • Constructing Mediumship Readings
  • And more.

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Important Class Information

Many Natural Mediums are very highly sensitive. These classes teach Empaths and Hyper-sensitives valuable information which can defiantly be helpful for them in their daily lives. These classes needed to be approached with caution however. The classes are for Mediumship Development so class work is designed to develop heightened levels of sensitivity of a natural Medium, so they can work with their abilities. This may be contradictory for some health conditions.
It is strongly advised that if developing higher levels of sensitivity could in any way interfere your health, that you obtain medical clearance from your Health Care Professional prior to beginning any of these classes. These classes do require a waiver to be signed, stating you take responsibility for your own health care needs.

Image of an outline of a head with several others invading the space of the original. Represents how energy of others invade a sensitive persons space.

These classes CONTAIN INFORMATION WHICH MAY BE PRIVY TO COPYRIGHTS, class formats and exercises may not be shared without prior written consent by Eileen Casey Gonzalez.

Deposits will be refunded due to health reasons prior to the second class, documentation may be required. If the instructor feels these classes may be harmful to a student in any way, the instructor may ask the student to discontinue the class and a prorated refund of the class fees will be provided.

Class deposits MAY NOT BE REFUNDED if a participant cancels with in one week of the class start date. If the instructor requests a participant to not return to the classes or for any reason, such as poor attendance, or if a participant is found to be disruptive to other class members or the instructor, a refund will NOT BE ISSUED after the second class.

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