Spirit Portrait Drawings

Image of Eileen Casey Gonzalez. She has dark long hair, brown eyes, a nice smile, and has purple framed glasses. She is wearing a light pink top and a powder pink sweater.

Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a Clairvoyant Medium who with the help of her Spirit Helpers draws what she calls Spirit Portrait Drawings. These are drawings of individual’s spirits of loved ones and spirit guides.

After working with her spirits for more than 30 years, they gave Eileen a new way to work. She has always been a creative person but drawing was never a part of her creative practices. Her spirit helpers taken the lead with her mediumship ability, in gifting her with this method of drawing she calls Spirit Portrait Drawings. Eileen’s Spirits work through her creating the sketches of individual’s loved ones and Spirit Guides.

Once a drawing is completed Eileen then works to bring forward messages from the spirit who has shown up in drawing for a client. Before Eileen begins the drawing process she receives no information about what is about to happen on the paper in front of her. She totally trusts her spirit helpers and she never knows who it is who will show up on the sketch pad before she begins.

For samples of Spirit Portrait Drawings with testimonials and reviews please see the Reviews & Testimonials page on this site.

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Sample of a Spirit Portrait Drawing by Edmonton Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez. The image is drawn in charcoal. It is an image of an older woman's face. She has curly hair and drop earnings.

The act of mediumship in producing images with Spirit Portrait Drawings has employed different methods by different mediums throughout the years. Individual mediums have always worked in different ways. With this modality of mediumship there is no exception.

With Mediumship Art, some mediums work by drawing the images they see as a clairvoyant. Some mediums produce images of objects they see which aid them visually in their readings. Others may draw images of loved ones or a person’s spirit guides which they see. These mediums are using their psychic ability to produce their drawings.

In contrast there are mediums who do not see anything before they being to draw. These mediums produce their images automatically through the help of their spirit helpers and this is a form of channeling. This is the method which has developed for Eileen Casey Gonzalez and it is similar to the faculty of automatic writing.

Proof Of Survival

The Spirit Portrait Drawings that happen for Eileen act as evidence from loved ones on the other side who come forward for clients when a client recolonizes them. This is part of a process known to Mediums as “Proof Of Survival”. Eileen’s spirits have gifted her as a clairvoyant medium, with this when, an individual recognizes a drawn deceased loved on. She gives all credit for any of this type of work to her spirits. The whole process to this day still surprises and humbles her on a regular basis.

Mediumship Spirit Portrait Drawing of a woman who has her hair in a bun to the right side.
Photograph of a a woman who has her hair in a bun to the right side.

The Spirit Portrait Drawing to the right was completed for a client. Information from an Aunt came through. The client stated she undestood the information and recognized the woman in the drawing. Later sent a copy of the photograph of her Aunt found on the left.

For samples of Spirit Portrait Drawings with testimonials and reviews please see the Reviews & Testimonials page on this site.

For more information on Eileen’s readings visit her Readings Page.

Interested in a reading with Eileen?  Contact her at soultosoulmedium@gmail.com.

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