Spiritual Energy Healing Workshop

The Laying On Of Hands

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The Laying On Of Hands is one of the easiest and oldest types of spiritual healing methods in existence. This workshop is designed for individuals to learn this type spiritual energy healing easily. At the same time it provides beneficial and necessary information that any energy healer can benefit from.

Topics Include:

  • How Tos Of Sharing Of Energy
  • Taking Care Of The Energy Practitioner
  • Who Really Is Healer
  • Keeping Balanced
  • Clearing Energy
  • The Chakras
  • The Aura
  • & More

Information in this workshop is helpful for any sensitive or empath. They are natural energy healers. Not only will empaths learn in this workshop how to share spiritual energy healing but, they will also learn valuable techniques for dealing with energy in daily life.


To Be Announced.

This Workshop is in Edmonton, Alberta. 
The location will be give at time of registration.
We will break for lunch.

The fee for this workshop is by donation.
Suggested donation is $40. 

For information contact Eileen by email at soultosoulmedium@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE: Energy therapies such as Spiritual Energy Healing, Ama-Deus®, Crystal Healing, and Quantum Touch® are IN NO WAY MEANT AS A SUBSTITUTE for Professional Medical, or Psychological, diagnosis and treatments. Eileen Casey Gonzalez nor any associated Energy Healer with this site, IN NO WAY can guarantee results of any kind when it comes to the outcome of any Energy Modality or Crystal Healing work.

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Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a Medium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She has been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada as well as being an Olorisha in the tradition of Lukimi. With her work she has served as a public demonstration medium, a public speaker and teaches classes on Mediumship, Energy Healing, Crystals and more.