Staying Connected, How To Ground In 6 Easy Steps

Knowing how to keep Energetically Grounded is something which can benefit not only the sensitive by anyone. When a person’s spiritual energy is Un-Grounded their energy field can easily pick up and excess of energy from their environment. This can cause a person a multitude of issues which you can read about in the article called Energetic Grounding, 7 Easy Pointers On What It Is & Why Do It. Symptoms can include anxiety, feeling, spacey, an inability to concentrate, irritation, sudden mood changes, and more. Being grounded is often defined as the process of being connected to the earth’s energy through our energetic system. This definition is very common in Spiritual Communities even though there is more to it. Many are unaware of how we are electrical beings composed of energy at our core. As energetic beings, we are also … Continue reading Staying Connected, How To Ground In 6 Easy Steps