Soul To Soul Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez

Edmonton Psychic Medium With Unique Ability

Iyanifa Faseye Ocan Iya Aña, Omi Yemaya, Eileen Gonzalez is an Edmonton Psychic Medium offering unique Mediumship Readings. As a Spiritualist for over 35 years, Eileen offers Clairvoyant Mediumship along with Channeled Spirit Portraits Drawings, the drawings are portraits of individual’s spirits channeled through Eileen’s spirits. Spirit Portrait Drawings have also been referred to by others as Spirit Drawings, Mediumship Drawings, Mediumship Art, or Spirit Art. She offers readings online from her home in Edmonton Alberta.

Eileen also offers various services related to Mediumship and Energy Healing and has been a teacher of various classes related to Spiritualism including Mediumship Development, working with Crystals, Spiritual Energy Healing, and more.

Spirit Portrait Drawings
A Unique Form Of Mediumship Demonstrating Proof Of Survival

Eileen Gonzalez is a Clairvoyant or Psychic Medium but her mediumship developed to include an unusual form of Channeling, something she calls Spirit Portrait Drawings. The development of working with Spirit Portrait Drawings she gives total credit to her Spirit Helpers with gratitude.

Sample of a Spirit Portrait Drawing by Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez. Drawing is of a man with a type short top hat, clean shaven. It is an image drawn on etch paper with graphite.

These Spirit Portrait Drawings which can also be referred to as Spirit Art, or Spirit Drawings; serve to provide what all Mediums strive to achieve, something called Proof Of SurvivalProof Of Survival, the act of a Medium bringing forward information that gives evidence of communication with spirit. It is not uncommon for clients to recognize images that appear on sketch pads during Eileen’s processIt is that recognition is considered part of what is called “Proof Of survival”.

To view samples of Spirit Portrait Drawings and testimonials, review the Reviews & Testimonials page on this site.

An Experienced Medium Involved In Spiritualism For More Than Thirty Years

A fully Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship Canada (SSF), Eileen has been actively involved with Spiritualism for more than 35 years. The Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF), an Interfaith Spiritualist Ministry based in Montreal Canada.

Image of Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez standing at Spiritual Science Fellowship Platform. She is speaking at the platform.

Currently, Eileen resides in Edmonton Alberta but lived most of her life in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Halifax, she served with the SSF and now serves with the Kindred Spirits Spiritualist Fellowship (KSSF) an international on-line ministry. Eileen has been featured as a demonstration medium and public speaker both in person and with on-line public demonstrations. She has also instructed and developed a full program on Mediumship, along with classes on Energy Healing and led Spiritual Healing Circles. as well as has taught on working with Crystals.

Offering An Uplifting & Informative Information

On this site, you will find information on Eileen’s services as well as her blog. The blog sharings are from the heart and always intended to aid and empower, with topics related to Spiritualism, Spiritual Protection, Mediumship, and more. It is Eileen’s hope that by sharing information she may be of service by offering informative, uplifting, and empowering information.

Interested in a reading with Eileen?  Visit her Readings Page or contact her at soultosoulmedium@gmail.com.

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