Edmonton Psychic Medium With Unique Gift

Soul To Soul Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez

Edmonton Psychic Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez offers unique Readings. A Spiritualist for over 30 years, Eileen offers straight forward Clairvoyant Mediumship and channeled Spirit Portraits Drawings. These drawings are portraits of spirits produced by a medium gifted with a rare ability. Spirit Portrait Drawings may also be called Spirit Art, Spirit Drawings, Mediumship Art, or Mediumship Drawings. Eileen offers these as part of her Mediumship Readings online or in person in Edmonton Alberta.

These Spirit Portrait Drawings serve as an important part of what every Medium strives to provide in any reading and that is evidence. In the world of Mediums and Spiritualist, this evidence is referred to as “Proof Of Survival”. As a medium Eileen is able to allow the drawing of individual’s spirits, loved ones, guides, and teachers in conjunction with her own Spirit Helpers. Eileen has NOT studied portrait drawing, these pictures are not a part of her own ability to draw. The pictures happen a result of Eileen’s own spirit helpers working literally through her. It is a rare channeling process which has developed naturally for her due to her deep relationship with her spirits for over 40 years.  

Unique Mediumship Readings

Sample of a Spirit Portrait Drawing by Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez. Drawing is of a man with a type short top hat, clean shaven. It is an image drawn on etch paper with graphite.
Spirit Portrait Drawing Sample

A Clairvoyant Medium, Eileen receives information given to her by spirits through her psychic senses. Eileen offers various types of readings for individuals which are all aimed at helping people on their life path. The Spirit Portrait Drawings are a different form of mediumship, however, not commonly practiced. These readings involve something called channeling. With the Spirit Portrait Drawings Eileen allows her spirits to produce the images which provides evidence of spirit communication. To discover more about these unique Spirit Drawings and more about Eileen’s readings visit her Readings Page on this site.

Experienced Medium Involved In
Spiritualism For Over Thirty Years

A fully Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF), an Interfaith Spiritualist Ministry based in Montreal Canada, Eileen has been a Spiritualist for more than 30 years. Currently, she resides in Edmonton Alberta previously spending most of her life in Nova Scotia. In Halifax, she served with the SSF for more than three decades. Eileen has been featured as a demonstration medium and public speaker, she has worked different events as well as been a regular presenter at spiritual services of the SSF HRM. To find out more about Eileen Casey Gonzalez and the SSF, visit Eileen’s full website at yourspiritsconnection.com/the-ssf, you may also visit the Links page on this site.

The Work Is An Honor & Passion 

Spiritualism is the focus of Eileen Casey Gonzalez’s life. Always involved in many aspects of Spiritualism, Eileen’s interests include; Spiritual Energy Healing, Metaphysics, and New Age Thought. It is Mediumship, which has always held a special interest for her throughout her life however. Working with the ancestors, and loved ones, and spirit guides, from the other side shall always remain her passion.

Image of Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez standing at Spiritual Science Fellowship Platform. She is speaking at the platform.

Eileen feels it is an honor to have the opportunity to help another through any method. Working as a medium she considers to be a personal a blessing. Quick to share, she expresses easily how she knows we all have loved ones in the Spirit World.  It is spirits of love she always works with as a Medium in any Spiritualist Reading.

To find out more about this Edmonton Psychic medium with a rare gift the About Eileen on this site.

Offering An Uplifting & Informative Information

On this site, you will find information on Eileen’s services as a medium but you will also find her blog page. It is her hope that by her sharing information through her writings she may be of service in a caring way, which may be not only uplifting and informative but for some empowering.

Interested in a reading with Eileen?  Visit her Readings Page or contact her at soultosoulmedium@gmail.com.

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