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The Power Of Choice, Surrender & Growth

Image of a beach with sand and clouds

Recently I faced a very sad day, yet a day of deep learning on many levels. Even though the tone of this day was sad and even angering, it turned out to be a day great of value. This was due to the ability to make a choice to look at life through a standpoint of learning and experiences. It is an asset when we choose to understand each moment has something great to offer. Life can be full of opportunity and joy if one chooses to be observant. Observant not only of the world around them but the one within themselves.

Obstacle Or Opportunity?

Writing has always been a challenge for me as someone who has a mild form of dyslexia. Regardless this is a valuable process with much of the work I do. It gives me opportunity to express in deeper ways. Something about the process of my fingers hitting keys on my keyboard has always resulted in a better flow of thoughts and understandings.

Image of two wooden road signs, one points left and says despair, the other points right and says hope.

For some facing the world with a reading difficulty they may find they can be faced with issue after issue. For me, when I was able to take a deeper look, I realized it gave rise to opportunity. Due to this mild dyslexia I have been able to foster other creative abilities. I also found myself spending more time with Spirit, and experiencing a deep knowing of the world around me which provided knowledge which can not come from books All situations are about the perspectives we hold and the wonderful thing about perspectives is that we can choose to change them.

Recently I discovered that a relationship, a friendship I had fostered and valued, was not what I thought it to be. This was a hard thing to take. The most difficult part of the situation was it actually had nothing to do with what happened, it was about my own struggle. My struggle in finding out that perhaps, once again, I had put a lot of faith in the wrong person.

I spent much of a day perplexed and pondering deeply everything which transpired. As a result I was able to see so many patterns of improvement to make on my behalf. So was this whole experience tragic? I certainly think not! What an amazing learning I had gained which I had required to improve my life for the future. Regardless of the necessary lessons, I still had a lot of very enjoyable times with my former friend. So as you can see everything was in the perspective I choose to hold.

Blessings Of Faith & Surrender

In going forward my life has always been full of situations of having to have trust in the process of life and creator. There have been many things in my life which were very difficult go through. Due to this I had begun to discover a process of surrender and learning at an early age. That process has taken me to so many unexpected amazing places and through many blessings. It is incredible to me how these kinds of things have happened to such a little small town girl, a nobody, and all through by holding faith, and working to keep positive perspective.

The Power Of Choice & Perspective

Silhouette of a head with word change written in green inside the head. On each side of the word their are circular arrows pointing in a rotating fashion.

This morning I was having breakfast in a hotel dinning room and people were very reluctant to speak to each other. Just through a smile and a bit of friendliness, I found myself meeting a very lovely lady. After much conversation we exchanged phone numbers and I am sure are going to chat again. Later on in the day I randomly spoke to someone else I really did not know in a messenger program. It turned out that I had the amazing opportunity to be speaking to a significant spiritual leader. I had no idea of just who this person was as we just chatted out of friendliness. After a bit of conversation and a bit of research I am kind of wowed at that opportunity which had presented it’s self.

These incredible few days could have been a whole lot different if I had given into a different kind of perspective just a day previous. If I had given in to the devastation I felt over the demise of what I thought was a friendship. If I had only considered how I was wronged instead of opportunities presented. If I had ignored the chance for growth given to me by a seemingly difficult situation I wold have missed out on so much joy in the present.

In writing and in sharing in any matter I do, it is always with hopes I may have something to offer with sharing. If my experiences can help another in anyway well, than it has been my pleasure and honor. I know that this story will always bring something of value to me for I am human and I know I can forget lessons now and then when stressed. This story will always serve as a reminder however, to look out for the opportunities for growth and enrichment.

Faith, trust, positive perspective, and growth, words which when embraced can take one on an amazing journey.

As always, holding a Gratitude Attitude!

image of two doves in flight facing each other, they are holding a sunflower in their beaks together with its cut stem.

Eileen Gonzalez is a Medium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She has been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada as well as being an Olorisha in the tradition of Lukimi. With her work she has served as a public demonstration medium, a public speaker and teaches classes on Mediumship, Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

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