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Spiritual Protection Method

Image with the words, Simple, Quick, & Effective Spiritual Protection Method, The image itself has an illustrated graphic of a green hill with a yellow path going up the hill and a blue sky behind it. On the right side, there is a totally white image of a man standing with light shining down on him from what looks like a white spotlight. Next, to the man, there is a totally white image of a woman wearing a dress with her hand on her hip, around her is a white egg shape. On the left side of the image, there is a totally white image of a woman riding a bike and she has a white glow around her.


Spiritual protection is something that well-trained Mediums practice regularly. Regardless if one is a Medium or not,  invoking spiritual protection is a practice which everyone can benefit from. It can also be is so easy to do.


We exist in a world of energy, energy in various forms of density. From the air around us to the dense world of the formation and physicality, everything is made of up atoms and thus energy. Constantly we are exposed to all sorts of unseen energy. Energy can come from all sorts of places and we can bombard without even knowing it. Nowadays everyone is aware of energy emitted from wireless devices but not many are aware of energy emitted by other human beings or other spiritual sources.

Photo of a very busy street with large buildings and full of people.

Few realize that not only harsh words people may use, but also thoughts put out energy into the world around us. Plants are the easiest to show us the effects of our words, thoughts, and intentions. If we project negatively to a plant, words, thoughts, and intentions, it will wither and die. Dr. Masaru Emoto with his research presented in his book “Hidden Messages In Water” in 1999, showed clearly how thoughts have an effect in the world even though thoughts are unseen.


Graphic with words slanting from the bottom left to the top right, stating: We do not have to be vulnerable.

We are all vulnerable to picking up energy left behind by residual thoughts, individual’s moods, or negative intentions. Prevention of picking up unwanted negative energy can be a relatively simple practice. It can be done with something so simple as a few words or a simple prayer. If you wish you can add a simple visualization. As a matter of fact, a simple prayer can be effective for keeping many negative energies away from us.

It does not matter what religious background you have or if you even  believe in what people call God for this method to work. In giving this method a try you have nothing to lose, the practice will show it’s own usefulness. If one is uncomfortable with the word God, I simply ask that you try to the use of the words Universal creator in the method I am going to describe for spiritual protection.

Graphic of a man with a white glow around him showing the White Light Energy Protection


This method of invoking spiritual protection is so easy to do. In my opinion this is important first step which should be taught to any spiritual energy worker, psychic, and Medium. This method can involve just speaking words to invoke the protection or it can involve the addition of a simple visualization, or one can use just the visualization. The more one uses the method, the easier it becomes to invoke as it becomes second nature.


The visualization for this method simply involves imagining yourself filled and surrounded with glowing white light. You could also imagine you that you have an egg of white light all around you and that light also fills your body. If you chose you could also imagine something like a type of spotlight is shining on you, the type that follows people around on a stage.

With all of these visualizations you can add to by imagining that while the white light is filling your body, you can feel it’s comforting warmth. It does not matter what you use for the visualization, what is important is that you know that with this white light you are receiving strong spiritual protection against any negative or harmful spiritual energy.


Spoken words with this method vary, regardless the idea is always the same. When invoking the spiritual protection one calls upon their higher power to full and surround them with a white light to keep them protected and safe from any negative or harmful energy. The prayer goes something like below. You can adapt the words as you wish, as long as you keep the essence of the prayer the same.


Graphic of a tan scroll with the words White Light Prayer on it and small words representing the prayer.

Holy Mother Father G-d, Universal Creator
known to many different people, in by many different ways.
I call upon you asking that you fill and surround me
with your White Light of Love and Protection.
Your white light of love and protection which allows only positive,
uplifting, and loving vibrations to exist within it, keeping me protected and safe from any harmful and negative energies.
If this White Light is ever dissipated, please let it be immediately reapplied

This prayer has been used for well over 100 years by Spiritualist. All one has to do is to invoke the protection when they choose. Many people invoke the protection at the start of the day and some choose to do it at night as well. In the beginning of using this method, I recommend you invoke it in the morning and at night so you settle into practice and it becomes second nature.


With the white light prayer above, I added the last line to myself and I am going to explain why. The white light prayer has been used for more than 100 years but the thing is that it produces a field of energy which is strongest in a positive state of being, meaning it can be diminished by our own negative mood or emotional state. So if we get angry we can weaken the field of protection we just worked to put around ourselves.

Now I know not everyone can walk around all happy and lovely all of the time. Personally, I know when I am driving a car it is not a state I can always maintain. I also know that loved ones I choose to place in this loving field of protection also can not maintain this state. I am also aware that both myself and a loved one may forget to apply this form of spiritual protection after diminisihing it. For this reason, I added to my words to the last line of the prayer, “If this White Light is ever dissipated please let it be immediately reapplied”. With this I have my back covered, and from what I can tell you this works.


Earlier I mentioned that some people may wish to use only the words when invoking this method of spiritual protection, and others may wish to only use the visualization. With any exercise such as this one, I can tell you that the more of your senses you can involve with it, the stronger effects will be. This is also applies to working to with memory. So what is recommended is, if you can, to use both the visualization and the words at the same time. To make the invoking even stronger try to add imagined sensation to it. For example, try to feel the experience of feeling the white light fills and surrounds you.


Graphic of the following words in bold red print, Words Have Power.

Personally, I feel that any prayer, or invoking words, should be spoken out loud. The reason is to give as much power as possible to promote the sought after results. Words have energy and spoken words have more energy. Think about it, our words carry our intention and a bit of us with our breath as we speak them. Our spoken words also contain our will which has allowed for them to formed and produce their sound which enters the world. All of this certainly adds to the power of spoken words, allowing them to carry our power and energy power.

Circumstances at times may not permit us to always speak our words aloud with our practice.  In these cases I still recommend using spoken words but with the smallest of a whisper. The sound can be so slight that no one can hear it. No one may even notice your mouth moving but, it will still produce more energy than just imagining the words in your mind alone.


Graphic of a woman showing in a thinking of two people in a white bubble.

As I mentioned earlier, this method can be used to protect you but you can also place this around another person. Just remember you are not responsible for the whole world with your practice,  and what will be will be. What I am trying to explain here, is that every human being has lessons their own learns to learn. You can not take valuable lessons away from people by trying to keep them safe. This concept is a lot to try to explain here. This is perhaps something for a whole other article, just try to trust me on this. I recommend and I use this method of spiritual protection only around those close to me such as immediate family.

If you ever find yourself in a volatile situation you can certainly use this technique to surround all involved. In this kind of circumstance this can certainly dampen any negative energy field and lessen any negative outcomes. Invoking of spiritual energy protection in this kind of situation, is not interfering as you are involved just by being present. For example, if you find yourself in a situation in which people are arguing or fighting, fill and surround everyone involved including yourself with the white light.

If I come across a person who is in distress I will also use this method. Again I do not consider this interference, as the person has entered my energy field. Again to try to get into depth is to much for this another article. You can cause no harm with using the white light prayer, as you are only asking for goodness and love to help a person. If they do not wish to be a part of this, believe me, they will not, just like you do not have to choose to continue to stay around them.


When invoking this protection you can also fill and surround your environment and add on extra layers of protection. You can fill and surround yourself with this protection and then fill and surround your home. Then you can fill and surround your home’s property with this protection as well and your workplace.

Something which is really handy is you can also fill and surround your vehicle with this protection. When it comes to driving it is not a bad idea to spiritually protect your car and also ask that the path your car travels is protected as well as behind your car.


I will tell you a brief story of my own about the effectiveness of this prayer. In 1989 I was in Ottawa in a car in which the driver turned left out of the right-hand lane. This resulted in a collision. This took place late at night and damage to the car could not be discovered in the darkness. The next morning, much to everyone’s surprise, there was absolutely no damage to the car we were in. The other car, however, we had seen the night before had certainly been damaged.

Image of a penguin with white boxing gloves on

As you use this simple method of spiritual energy protection you will discover yourself how it works. The stories from people I know who use this method are many, too many for me to type out here. What I can say is that I have seen amazing things which proved the effectiveness time and time again.

So many people have their own stories about this simple effective method for invoking spiritual protection. Now is the time to develop your own practice and find out for yourself. This powerful, yet easy and simple practice for invoking spiritual protection is one everyone can make use of. Perhaps it should be used regardless if you are a sensitive, psychic, medium or energy healer or not.

Something which also helps anyone with spiritual protection is keeping their energy fields as balanced as possible. Something called Grounding helps with this a lot. To find out more about the process called Grounding, I invite you to read these articles, Energetic Grounding, 7 Easy Pointers On What It Is & Why Do It, and Staying Connected, How To Ground In 6 Easy Steps.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article. I hope you find this simple and easy method for invoking spiritual protection useful and helpful in your life. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.

Written In Memory Of Mentor & Teacher, Rev. Fred Cale
Founder of the Halifax Chapter Of The Spiritual Science Fellowship and Montreal Chapter  

image of two doves in flight facing each other, they are holding a sunflower in their beaks together with its cut stem.

Eileen Gonzalez is a Medium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She has been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada as well as being an Olorisha in the tradition of Lukimi. With her work she has served as a public demonstration medium, a public speaker and teaches classes on Mediumship, Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

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