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Eileen Casey Gonzalez teaches a number of classes related to Spiritualism. She is an Ordained Minister with The Spiritual Science Fellowship, a Spiritualist Interfaith organization, involved in Spiritualism for more than thirty years.
Eileen has been featured speaker, and demonstration Medium, as well as a teacher. Topics she teaches on include; Mediumship Development, The Bodies Energy & Grounding, Meditation, Spiritual Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

Mediumship Development Classes

Eileen developed a set of Mediumship classes in which she has taught for many years. These were a part of her work with the The Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax. Mediumship demonstration is a regular part of Spiritual Services. The Halifax SSF requires all demonstration mediums complete recognized Mediumship Classes before an individual can work as a demonstration medium at SSF events.

Image of a blue head with a white down in the forehead, represents a medium receiving information from Spirit.

These classes developed by Eileen contain much of the information taught by founding members of the SSF HRM, Spiritual Science Fellowship Halifax, Rev. Fred Cale and Rev. Jeanean Omstead, as well as other international teachers including Rev. Marilyn Rossner – founder of the SSF, Rev. John White of Lilydale N.Y., and Rev. Mikel Lizzaralde of Spain. The classes are designed to aid a person to develop their natural mediumship abilities. The aim of the classes is to take an individual, beginner or not, to the point of being able to complete Spiritual Mediumship readings for others.
You can find information on the Mediumship Development Classes here.

Spiritual Energy Healing

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Eileen has developed a workshop on the Spiritual Energy Healing which is great for novices and those familiar to the subject. This workshop takes an individual from the standpoint of being totally new to the topic, through to the point of being able to complete a Spiritual Energy Healing. This method of working with Spiritual Energy Healing in the days before other methods began to spring up all over the place, was referred to as The Laying On Of Hands.

Crystals To Spiritual Circles

Image of polished crystals and stones in a row.

Through the years, Eileen has taught on various topics and is always developing new workshops.
Eileen developed a workshop which is very popular is a workshop on crystals she titles Crystals 101. Also offered are Spiritualist Circles which give individuals opportunity to experience mediumship messages.

You can visit the links for information on various classes and event in the menu options on this site. Do visit this website often as Eileen is always working in ways to teach and share more on various topics related to Spiritualism.

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Eileen Casey Gonzalez has also instructed Quantum-Touch® Level One for many years. She has trained with The National Guild of Hypnotists and she is trained in the Ama-Deus® Healing Technique. She has trained in Crystal Healing through Dr. Lilly Rahman’s Crystal Healing and Resonance Centre among other topics.
Regardless of all of Eileen’s training she will always state she knows little. This is as she truly feels there is so much to learn in the vast world of spiritualism. Generally she keeps quiet about what she has studied but she has been on this path for over thirty years. Eileen is constantly striving to be her best, to offer her best, and to be able to aid another when possible with their path of discovery.

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PLEASE NOTE: Energy therapies such as Spiritual Energy Healing, Ama-Deus®, Crystal Healing, and Quantum Touch® are IN NO WAY MEANT AS A SUBSTITUTE for Professional Medical, or Psychological, diagnosis and treatments. Eileen Casey Gonzalez nor any associated Energy Healer with this site, IN NO WAY can guarantee results of any kind when it comes to the outcome of any Energy Modality or Crystal Healing work.

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