Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a Clairvoyant Medium with a unique twist. She receives information through her clairvoyant psychic senses from spirits like most Mediums but offers something more. After more than thirty years of working with her Spirit Guides they gifted her a process in which with their aide her in drawing pictures of loved ones who have passed over, along with individual’s Spirit Guides.

Eileen offers various types of readings for clients. She offers Spirit Portrait Drawings and she offers Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings.  She also offers her popular Mini Reading with a Spirit Portrait Drawing. This mini reading includes a short message from spirit along with the drawing.

Clairvoyant Mediumship Readings

Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a Clairvoyant Medium, sometimes called a Mental Medium. Even though her Spirit Portrait Drawings are a form of Channelling she receives information from Spirit through her Clairvoyant senses. Eileen receives information through hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and even touch, all which is information coming to her from Spirit.

Image of Clairvoyant Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez sitting at a table doing a mediumship reading. She is wearing white, she has long dark hair and is holding an oracle card in her hand which she is looking at. She is sitting at a table with a red table cloth on it with reading cards, crystals, and a glass of water with a candle which she uses to see clairvoyant visions.

During a Mediumship Reading Eileen may use various tools to activate her Clairvoyant senses by scrying. Scrying is a method of gazing into objects. Often she may use oracle cards and may receive information from spirit before a card is even turned over. The written meaning of the oracle card can have little significance for her in a reading. It is the words she is hearing and information she is sensing from Spirit which is important. It is that information which she passes on to you, the client or sitter. 

In any Mediumship Reading Eileen always works to bring through information to a person which is positive and helpful in life and always from a loving source.

To find out more about Clairvoyant senses you may enjoy this article called Different Types Of Mediums found here.

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What Are Spirit Portrait Drawings

Sample of a Spirit Portrait Drawing by Edmonton Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez. The image is drawn in charcoal. It is an image of a military man wearing a bare' hat. He has a stick in his mouth and it looking up towards the left top corner of the page.

These are quickly drawn images of passed over loved ones and Spirit Guides. They are produced through an automatic process of Eileen’s faculty of mediumship. Eileen calls them Spirit Portrait Drawings, however, this type of drawing is also referred to as Spirit Drawings, Mediumship Drawings, Mediumship Art, or Spirit Art.

Eileen has not studied portrait drawing previously. The images produced are in no way of a professional artist quality. They are drawn very fast through her ability as a medium. The pictures are a result of an uncommon form of Channeling.

For More Information On Spirit Portrait Drawings visit the Spirit Portrait Drawings Page under the Readings Header On this site.

Readings Information

No Nonsense Clairvoyant Readings

With any Mediumship Reading with Eileen dedicates the time specified to be strictly for the Reading. She prefers not to “chit chat” or to provide explanations on non reading related matters. Anything which may come up which she can explain easily after the reading she is happy to do so with you.

Eileen is always happy to share information which is related to Spiritualism. When it comes to an appointment with Spirit and a client though, that for her is time for the work at hand.

In-Person, Online, & In Edmonton

Eileen’s completes readings over the phone, online, as well in person by appointment in the Edmonton area. She is available for special events and parties.

A “Mini Spiritualist Medium Message And A Spirit Portrait Drawing” may be provided through email or online through Messenger. This includes a Spirit Portrait Drawing and a short message that Eileen receives after the drawing of the Spirit. Eileen then photographs the drawing and types out the spirit message to forward.

Eileen is also available for events and private parties in the Edmonton Alberta area. Please contact her for information and pricing by email at

Payment Methods

Payment may be made in person by cash or through Paypal or by Interact Bank Transfer prior to appointment. All payments must be made in full before any mediumship reading is completed. Readings Fees may be found below.

Reading Fees

Spiritualist Mediumship Readings
30 Minutes –  $70
Readings 15 Minutes – $40 

Spirit Portrait Drawing
With 30 Minute Reading – $77 
With Mini Spiritualist Medium Message $40   

Shipping Fee Spirit Portrait Drawings $15

Paypal Buttons for all readings are below.
Interact Transfers may be sent to

Note: All readings fees are for one individual. With in person readings Spirit Portrait Drawings are photographed then given to the client.
All Spirit Portrait Drawings are on sketch pad paper and may be in graphite or charcoal. Spirit Portrait Drawings for online clients will be photographed and sent electronically. If requested shipping is $15 extra.

Preparing For A Readings

Eileen suggests that if you have questions to ask during your reading that you prepare them before hand. With questions Eileen asks that you only give her general information such as the aspect of life. Please do not provide details. This is as she wishes to bring forward messages from spirit without bias from any information you may unknowingly provide. If you do not have specific questions Eileen will then focus on a general reading for you. With any Spiritualist Mediumship reading Eileen will seek answers from spirit for your questions during your allotted time period.

Reading Opening & Closing

With all readings will Eileen customarily open with a short prayer. At the end of a reading Eileen may choose to close with with prayer again. This is to give thanks to all who have participated in the reading in bringing forward helpful and useful information.

Unfortunately There Are No Guarantees With Spirits

No creditable medium can guarantee that they can bring forward messages from a specific spirit at any time. There are a multitude of reasons why this is and this is too much information to go into on this page. With any Spiritualist Mediumship Reading Eileen will do her best for you to bring through messages from your loved one.

To aide Eileen with this process of your reading, she requests that before a reading you think about a person in spirit whom you wish to hear from. Perhaps make request for the help from your own spirit guides or helpers, angels, or higher power, to help with this. You can ask for help for your loved one to come forward in your reading ahead of time. If it is possible for the spirit to come forward in your reading this can aide the process. If it is not possible during the reading please be aware there are many reasons why this may be so at any given time.

Health Is Not A Topic For Mediums

Image which says "First Do No Harm" then there is a red symbol that crosses over the words Psychic, Medium, Health, Readings.

Your health is a topic to be discussed with a health care provider. If a medium is not a health care professional who can legally diagnose or prescribe, then they may not do so by law. As an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada and a teacher of mediumship, Eileen does not diagnose or prescribe any health condition.

Human beings are impressionable. Due to this a professional and trained medium always works to bring forward information in a way which first does NO HARM. Giving any negative information about a persons life in a reading can not only effect them, it can also ruin a life. Once someone has been told something negative is going to occur, it seems the words can never be unheard. Human beings tend to live self fulfilling prophesies. Trained mediums recognize this and always work with their spirit helpers to help and never cause any potential harm.

With Booking Any Reading You Agree Too & Understand The Policies Found On This Website

By booking any reading with Eileen Casey Gonzalez you are stating you and have read, understand and agree to this website’s policies found on the Website Policies Page.

Order Your Spiritualist Mediumship Reading Now

Spiritualist Mediumship Readings 30 Minutes – $70 

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Spiritualist Mediumship Readings 15 Minutes – $40 

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Order A Spirit Portrait Drawing
With A Spiritualist Mediumship Reading Now

Spirit Portrait Drawing With A 30 Minute Spiritualist Mediumship Reading

Sample of a Spirit Portrait Drawing by Edmonton Psychic Clairvoyant Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez. The image is drawn in charcoal. It is an image of an older woman's face. She has curly hair and drop earnings.

This includes a Spirit Portrait Drawing and a Spiritualist Mediumship Reading completed within the time allotted. A Spirit Portrait Drawing may take 10 minutes or less to complete. After the portrait is completed, Eileen will proceed with your readings as outlined above. This reading can take place in person, or over the internet through a messenger type of program which both you and Eileen has access to.

Spirit Portrait Drawing With 30 Minute Spiritualist Mediumship Readings 30 Minutes – $77 

Reading Recipients Full Name
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A Spirit Portrait Drawing With A Mini Spiritualist Spiritualist Mediumship Message

This is a Spirit Portrait Drawing and a short message that Eileen will receive when she finishes drawing. The message she receives from spirit after she completes the drawing may be a sentence or a few paragraphs. This reading is easily provided through email or a messaging type program.

Spirit Portrait Drawing With Mini Mediumship Message $40

Reading Recipients Full Name
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By Special Request Only Shipping For Spirit Portrait Drawing $15

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