About Eileen

A Clairvoyant Medium

Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez is a psychic or clairvoyant Medium involved in Spiritualism for more than 30 years. She has been working with her own spirit helpers since her early twenties. She offers clairvoyant readings along with her channeled Spirit Portrait Drawings as well as various classes related to metaphysics, and energy healing.

A Natural Clairvoyant Who Had Nowhere To Turn

As a natural clairvoyant, Eileen’s spiritual and mediumship experiences began with her as a very young child. She seen, heard, and sensed spirits as early as at the age of five. She had no one to share her experiences with however. No one around her understood the world of Spirit and this as well as her Christian background left her feeling afraid and alone.

In Eileen’s early twenties she discovered a Spiritualist Interfaith Organization called the Spiritual Science Fellowship. The SSF quickly became her spiritual home due to it’s welcoming interfaith perspective and Spiritualist views. Here she began her journey as a medium with access to an abundance of training from international accredited teachers. She has been with the SSF since the first day she attended her first service. Rev. Eileen Casey Gonzalez was fully ordained in 2012 with full legal rights as any minister in the province of Nova Scotia.

A Shaman Enhanced Natural Medium Abilities

Image of Angel, Cuban Shaman. He is wearing a white short sleeve shirt with a collar and a white hat. He has short wiry white hair, a mustash and is wearing glasses

In 2007 a Cuban Shaman by the name of Sr. Jose Angel Pupo Olivarez greatly enhanced Eileen’s Mediumship abilities. He seen her strengths as a clairvoyant and gifted her with ceremonies from his traditions of Ifa, Lukumi (sometimes called Ocha), and Palo Mayombe.
In December of 2014 Eileen further continued on her path with Lukimi becoming Oni-Yemaya in Lukimi, in Havana, Cuba. For lack of a better description, in layman’s terms this means she became a Lukimi priest. With this she received her guardian Orisha Yemaya in a seven-day ceremony. This was followed by a year of strict religious restraints and practices, many of which are followed for the rest of Eileen’s life.
This commitment on Eileen’s path perfectly fit into her practices as Spiritualist. It has further enhanced and naturally deepened her own connection with Spirit. These traditions enrich peoples lives with ancient practices and ceremonies which involve working with revered ancestors.

Training & Experience Make A Medium

Through the years Eileen has studied with many talented teachers including the late Rev. Fred Cale and Rev. Jeaneane Homstead who were founders of the Halifax Spiritual Science Fellowship, and founding president of the SSF, Rev. Dr. Marilyn Rossner PhD. She has also had training with Rev. John White of Lily Dale N.Y., and other gifted psychic, mediums. Her teachers also include her beloved Godfather in Lukimi Roberto Gonzalez Sousa, an experienced and educated Spiritualist for more than 50 years.

Eileen regularly shared her Gifts Of The Spirit as a Medium at Sunday night services of the SSF HRM for many years as well as at other events. She always works to be the best she can with any spiritual work as she feels it a privilege and honor to do so. 

To find out more about Eileen’s readings visit her Readings page on this site.

A Passionate Teacher Of Mediumship

After over 20 years of learning and experiences with Spiritualism Eileen began as a formal teacher. She has taught classes on Spiritual Healing and has lead SSF HRM Healing Circles. After this she began to teach Mediumship. She developed a sets of classes aimed to take an individual as a novice through to a practicing psychic clairvoyant medium. Much of the information in these classes has been taught by many of Eileen’s esteemed teachers along with her own wealth of information, gathered from years of her own experience and learning.

Information on Mediumship Development Classes can be found on this page along with information on other offered events on the Classes Page.

For inquires on any class with Eileen, email her at soultosoulmedium@gmail.com.

Interested In a Reading With Eileen
Visit her Readings Page or contact her at soultosoulmedium@gmail.com.

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