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Caring For Crystal & Stones

Image of polished crystals and stones in a row.

Crystals and stones are beautiful, energetic and visual gifts of the earth. They may adorn you with beauty but they may also play a significant role in influencing how you and those around you feel in positive ways. I have worked with these natural wonders for many years now employing their use with energy healing for many years. I can honestly tell you that with a little simple loving care, you can help your pieces to give you years of lasting enjoyment. You can aid your pieces by helping them become free of energy they may pick up which may be unbeneficial, and by helping them to become filled with positive energy, by following a few easy steps I am happy to share.

Things To Consider With Crystals and Stones Care

Steps for keeping your crystals and stones basically involve cleansing your pieces of extra energy they may have picked up and allowing them to soak up any positive energy they may require. With this process there are a couple of things to consider with their care. One is that crystals and stones with a Mohs hardness of below 5.5 should never be exposed to water due to the softness of these pieces as water can cause damage to them. Salt can also cause damage to stones physically causing pitting but it can also tire their natural energy. As well strong sunlight can not only be draining to the energy of crystals and stones but, it may also cause damage and permanent color changes, be especially careful of turquoise colored stones in the sunlight.

Why Crystals and Stones Require Cleansing

One of the reasons why crystals and stones attract many is not only because of their beauty but their natural ability to hold energy due to their structure, their crystalline matrix. They can actually retain energy that has been projected onto them by thoughts and also energy picked up off of the human body. If a piece has picked up excess energy it may remain stored until released through a method of cleansing. Stones may pick up undesired energy from being on a human body which is in distress from illness and as a result of a person’s uneasy feelings. Pieces can also pick up energy by being handled by many numerous people constantly such as in a retail environment. This makes it very important to cleanse any new piece when it comes into your home.  

If this is difficult to grasp please do not believe what I am saying, conduct your own research by following some of the suggestions I am going to make in regards to the care of crystals and stones, then test your results. If you are sensitive at all to them and can feel their energy, you can be the judge.

Energetically Cleansing Crystals & Stones

There are several methods that can be used to cleanse the energy of crystals and stones but I am going to speak of a couple I personally use and find effective. As part of learning to cleanse your stones I suggest you feel your pieces before and after whatever process you use. This way you can experience how stones feel before and after they are cleansed.

An easy method of cleansing and charging your stones both at the same time is to place them on a piece of an amethyst cluster or geode. An example of this is demonstrated on the image for this post. Simply place your pieces on the amethyst cluster for simplicity overnight, then in the morning take note of how differently they feel to you. With this method however be sure to take care of your clusters regularly cleansing them and charging them as well.  

All stones in the quartz family generally have a hardness of 5.5 and above. The quartz family not only includes clear quartz, amethyst, and rose and smokey quartz but also agates and jaspers. This means that they can generally handle water if they are a solid piece. One of the easiest ways to cleanse these pieces is through the use of running water.

To do this simply hold your piece in your hand between your fingers and thumb while allowing running water of a faucet to pass over it. Slide your thumb across the surface of the stone while the water is running over it and if the piece feels greasy or your thumb slides easily upon its surface, then the stone requires cleansing and contains energy which it is best to allow to be cleared from the piece. Continue to allow the water to run over the piece while you continue to run your thumb over it. When you notice your thumb begins to have resistance preventing it from sliding so easily along it, similar to what happens with glassware cleaning it when washing dishes, then the stone is clear of any energy it needs to be cleared of, it has been cleansed.

Using Salt To Cleanse Energy Of Crystals & Stones

As mentioned salt can be damaging to the surface of stones and it can be tiring to their energy so attention must be used when implying the use of salt to clean the energy of stones. When using salt to cleanse pieces always make sure that the salt is covered by a piece of cotton or paper towel to place a layer between the salt stones for protection. 

Using this method place your stone on top of a layer of sea salt in particular, covered as mentioned above. Leave the pieces there for no more than two hours. If a piece is very large than it can be turn it over on each side adjusting time appropriately until the piece is cleansed. As one becomes sensitive to the energy of stones it can become instinctive in nature to know when to remove a piece from the covered salt.

A Safe Method For Energy Cleansing Of All Crystals Stones & Jewelry

There is a safe and easy method for cleansing smaller crystals, stones, and jewelry including silver and gold. This is to employ the use of a bowl in bowl method. To use this method you need two clear glass bowls, one larger than the other, with the smaller bowl fitting easily into the larger, and some salt.

In the larger bowl place enough water so it will only come up to about the half point of the smaller bowl when the smaller bowl is placed inside of it. Add to the water enough salt to this larger bowl in the water to the point  the salt will no longer dissolve in the water when stirred. Then place the smaller bowl inside of the larger with the salty water making sure the inside of the smaller bowl remains totally dry. Now, you can place your pieces inside of the dry smaller bowl without risk of the salt or water damaging them. You can see an example of this in the picture below. Keep your pieces there about four or five hours depending on their size.

image of a glass bowl inside a glass bowl with stones in it

Amber A Unique Exception To The Rules

The only stone that can not be cleansed using the previous methods of energy cleansing is Amber. Amber formed from a tree resin and it is difficult to clear of energy. Unlike other crystals and stones it may be placed safely in light of the sun. It is in fact strong sunlight is the only true way Amber can be fully cleansed energetically. To cleanse an amber piece place it in the midday sun, if the season is winter it will require three days in the midday sunlight for it to be fully cleansed.

Getting Charged Up

Charging crystals and stones energetically is like giving their batteries a boost. This is something which is ideal to do after cleansing them. Crystals and stones do naturally charge on their own but giving them a little extra tender loving care is always a nice idea especially if they are used energetically frequently. 

All crystals and stones may be charged with the energy of the full moon by simply placing them in the window in the moonlight of the full moon. It does not matter if it is overcast, rainy or snowing at the time. Just be sure to take the pieces out of your window before sunrise as the sunlight can drain their energy, undoing the work you just did to charge them. Also be sure to remove your pieces after time in which the moon is full. This means  check the time the moon is full in your area for the month. The reason for removing the stones at this time is after the moon it’s point of becoming full it than begins to wane which can drain your pieces. For example if the moon is full at 2:30 am, remove your stones from the window before or at 2:30 am because of 2:31 am it will begin to wane. You can actually charge your stones up to three nights before it reaches it’s point of becoming full. 

As mentioned previously charging your smaller crystals and stones can be achieved by placing them on a piece of an amethyst cluster or geode. Selenite has also been known to charge other crystals and stones. Just always make sure to care for the pieces used for charging as well as cleansing them and to charge these pieces up in the energy of the full moon.

What To Do When Tired 

Not only humans may become energetically tired from working too hard, crystals and stones may also become energetically tired and drained. If care is not taken they can actually become just pretty pieces losing their ability to have an energetic effect on us and their surroundings.  If you find that a stone no longer feels to have the same energy and the piece has been cleansed and charged, there is something you can do before it becomes too late. Bury your stone in the earth outside, or inside with the dirt of a potted plant, for at least three days. It is a good idea to keep yourself familiar with how your crystal and stone pieces feel to you as if a piece becomes too tired it can actually permanently lose it’s ability to ever hold an energetic charge again. 

Image of a penguin with white boxing gloves on

The Proof Is In The Punch

I mentioned at the beginning of this article do not just believe me with what I have said here in regards to the care of crystals and stones, conduct your own research. If you are sensitive and can feel energy you can be the judge of things. If you are not sensitive to the energy of crystals and stones you may actually become so by continually handling them and beginning to become open to becoming so. An easy experiment to try is if you wear glasses, try using any of the above methods for cleansing energy on your glasses. Feel how they felt on your face before and after implying one of the methods.

I do hope you have enjoyed this article. I wish you all the best on your journey and enjoying the world of crystals and stones.

image of two doves in flight facing each other, they are holding a sunflower in their beaks together with its cut stem.

Eileen Gonzalez is a Medium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She has been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada as well as being an Olorisha in the ancient tradition of Lukimi. With her work she has served as a public demonstration medium, a public speaker and teaches classes on Mediumship, Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

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