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Energetic Grounding, 7 Easy Pointers On What It Is & Why Do It

Header image for the article “7 Facts On Grounding”. Image states the words “6 Facts On Grounding” in green. The words are centered right on the page with a brown line underneath. This line has a cord with a plug which extends into a graphic of the earth, the earth is in the bottom of the left side of the page. On top of the earth is a silhouette of a man, colored green. Beneath each his feet are brown roots growing into the earth.

Many involved with energy work, psychic awareness, or mediumship, are likely to have heard of the importance of a technique called Grounding. Grounding is a process important to anyone, not only those involved with energy work and spiritual endeavors. This article with 7 simple facts about grounding has been written to help individuals to understand of what Grounding is and why we need to do it.

1. What Is Grounding?

Grounding is the process of our body’s energy remaining strong and connected to the earth’s energy, our physical existence, and thus, the here and now. Even though this process is more complex, this is the most commonly understood explanation of what Grounding is. We are electrical beings composed of energy at our core. This fact is part of why the Grounding process is important for anyone.

As physical, energetic beings, living on this physical energetic planet, we remain constantly connected to this place and time. If our connection becomes thinned or weighed down at times, it causes us distress. This state of stress is known as being Un-Grounded.

2. Grounding Prevents Unwanted Influences

A green colored silhouette of a man in a aqua colored bubble. Beneath each his feet are brown roots growing into the earth. Outside his bubble is grey energy that looks like lightening.

When we are not properly grounded we are left open to pick up all sorts of energy around us. Excess energies which are not our own can influence us in undesirable ways. A person who picks up on the emotions of other people is a perfect example if this. This type of person may have the emotions of others stay with them and they may be unaware of what is happening. This can then cause mood changes for no apparent reason. This type of situation occurs often and as a result of one’s body not being well connected and grounded in the present. When a person’s energy is grounded, any excess energy will not stick to them as easily causing negative effects.

When we are grounded we may still be aware of these types of energy, however, we are not as easily affected by them in a negative way.

3. How To Recognize When You Are Not Grounded

A green colored silhouette of a man in a aqua colored bubble. Beneath each his feet are faded brown roots growing into the earth. Inside the bubble is another outline on the man but faded. The image represents feeling beside one’s self.

Not being grounded may cause a variety of symptoms. It can cause a person to feel like they cannot concentrate, and, or find it difficult to follow instructions or conversations. If we are not grounded we may find ourselves daydreaming frequently, feeling disconnected, or feeling unbalanced. It may cause us to feel irritated without understanding why. Being Un-Grounded may also cause people to be over talkative, quickly move from topic to topic in conversation, and seem flighty. Many times a person may say they feel “beside themselves”, like they are out of balance. These states of being can also affect our mood, as not being grounded allows us to pick up undesirable energy off other people.

4. Empaths, Anxiety & Grounding

An Empath is a person who has a natural ability to pick up and feel the emotions of another and their environment through their heightened sensitivities. Awareness of Empathic abilities is something which is becoming more and more common. Regardless, there are many Empaths who suffer from anxiety as they do not understand their abilities and sensitivities. An unaware and untrained Empath is someone who is likely to be unaware of how to help themselves by Grounding. They are also likely to be unaware of how to get rid of excess picked up foreign energies and to be become grounded.

A green colored silhouette of a man in a aqua colored bubble. Beneath each his feet are faded brown roots growing into the earth. Around him is grey energy that looks like lightening.

5. Who May Need More Help With Grounding?

Any individual who is sensitive to energy may need extra Grounding techniques to help themselves. A sensitive’s body picks up signals and energy effortlessly thus leaving them open to undesirable energy. Scholars also may require techniques to assist with being Grounded. Their constant thinking keeps their focus off of the physical world and out of the here and now. As well, individuals who over think situations can also require extra grounding techniques for the same reason.

6. Emotions & Grounding

Situations which can induce high emotion may stress our connection to the here and now, also causing us to become Un-grounded. Extreme states of joy can have the same result, states of euphoria can definitely lead a person to be Un-grounded. A person who puts most of their attention on otherworldly thoughts, and or ponders the metaphysical matters on a deep level constantly, may also require extra grounding techniques as they can become Un-grounded easily.

7. Grounding Is An Important Part Of Energetic Health

A green colored silhouette of a man in a aqua colored bubble. Beneath each his feet are brown roots growing into the earth. You can see his brightly colored chakra system.

Hopefully, it is easy to see the importance of grounding. Grounding is an act which can be most beneficial to anyone. Staying grounded protects our body’s energy from becoming stressed. It aids in keeping connected to the world around us, to the here and now. It helps with concentration, productivity, and our awareness.
I hope you join me in discovering some tips and exercises on how to obtain a state of Grounding in my article called Staying Connected – How to Ground In 6 Easy Steps, found here.

image of two doves in flight facing each other, they are holding a sunflower in their beaks together with its cut stem.

Eileen Gonzalez is a Medium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She has been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada as well as being an Olorisha in the tradition of Lukimi. With her work she has served as a public demonstration medium, a public speaker and teaches classes on Mediumship, Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

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