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Soul To Soul’s Blog

Drawn image of Soul To Soul Medium Eileen Casey Gonzalez on paper. Shows a pencil in a hand in the left lower corner of the page.

Welcome To My Blog It is my hope that with this blog I may share information regarding Mediumship, Spiritualism, Energy Healing, New Age Thought, and other related interests. I hope you may find something with is interesting and useful. I do not have any formal training in writing. I am a simple person with a heart of love who enjoys sharing with others, that is all. I believe that by helping each other we in turn help humanity.  A Spiritualist Medium With A Few Twists As a Spiritualist I have been involved with Spiritualism for more than 30 years and I have been working with my spirits for much longer. Yes I am up in years despite being young at heart. 🙂 Really though, I started my formal journey into Spiritualism fairly young at the age of 22. Like most…
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Caring For Crystal & Stones

Crystals and stones are beautiful, energetic and visual gifts of the earth. They may adorn you with beauty but they may also play a significant role in influencing how you and those around you feel in positive ways. I have worked with these natural wonders for many years now employing their use with energy healing for many years. I can honestly tell you that with a little simple loving care, you can help your pieces to give you years of lasting enjoyment. You can aid your pieces by helping them become free of energy they may pick up which may be unbeneficial, and by helping them to become filled with positive energy, by following a few easy steps I am happy to share. Things To Consider With Crystals and Stones Care Steps for keeping your crystals and stones basically involve…
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One Of A Kind Masterpiece

decorative image of a field with daisy and buttercups.

Perfection On Our Path We here have all chosen a spiritual path and we walk it doing our best. Life happens daily, we make decisions based on our experience at that moment and sometimes decisions are based on emotions and ego. Along this path of trial and error we all make mistakes. Is this process wrong, are we wrong? Of course not, each and every one of us has been created by the divine and we all contain that divine within us. How can anyone of us be judged as imperfect? Perhaps the reality is it is, that we judge ourselves. I want to share with you two stories, the first is said to be a Sankript and you may have read these words before but, they are worthy of being read again. Tales like these always have so much…
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The Power Of Choice, Surrender & Growth

Recently I faced a very sad day, yet a day of deep learning on many levels. Even though the tone of this day was sad and even angering, it turned out to be a day great of value. This was due to the ability to make a choice to look at life through a standpoint of learning and experiences. It is an asset when we choose to understand each moment has something great to offer. Life can be full of opportunity and joy if one chooses to be observant. Observant not only of the world around them but the one within themselves. Obstacle Or Opportunity? Writing has always been a challenge for me as someone who has a mild form of dyslexia. Regardless this is a valuable process with much of the work I do. It gives me opportunity to…
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Staying Connected, How To Ground In 6 Easy Steps

Header says "Staying Connected, How to ground in 6 easy steps". The header has an image of an outline of a green man with brown roots from his feet growing in to a globe of the earth. On top of the globe behind the man is an image of a tree.

Knowing how to keep Energetically Grounded is something which can benefit not only the sensitive by anyone. When a person’s spiritual energy is Un-Grounded their energy field can easily pick up and excess of energy from their environment. This can cause a person a multitude of issues which you can read about in the article called Energetic Grounding, 7 Easy Pointers On What It Is & Why Do It. Symptoms can include anxiety, feeling, spacey, an inability to concentrate, irritation, sudden mood changes, and more. Being grounded is often defined as the process of being connected to the earth’s energy through our energetic system. This definition is very common in Spiritual Communities even though there is more to it. Many are unaware of how we are electrical beings composed of energy at our core. As energetic beings, we are also…
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Energetic Grounding, 7 Easy Pointers On What It Is & Why Do It

Header image for the article “7 Facts On Grounding”. Image states the words “6 Facts On Grounding” in green. The words are centered right on the page with a brown line underneath. This line has a cord with a plug which extends into a graphic of the earth, the earth is in the bottom of the left side of the page. On top of the earth is a silhouette of a man, colored green. Beneath each his feet are brown roots growing into the earth.

Many involved with energy work, psychic awareness, or mediumship, are likely to have heard of the importance of a technique called Grounding. Grounding is a process important to anyone, not only those involved with energy work and spiritual endeavors. This article with 7 simple facts about grounding has been written to help individuals to understand of what Grounding is and why we need to do it. 1. What Is Grounding? Grounding is the process of our body’s energy remaining strong and connected to the earth’s energy, our physical existence, and thus, the here and now. Even though this process is more complex, this is the most commonly understood explanation of what Grounding is. We are electrical beings composed of energy at our core. This fact is part of why the Grounding process is important for anyone. As physical, energetic beings,…
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Spiritual Protection Method

Image with the words, Simple, Quick, & Effective Spiritual Protection Method, The image itself has an illustrated graphic of a green hill with a yellow path going up the hill and a blue sky behind it. On the right side, there is a totally white image of a man standing with light shining down on him from what looks like a white spotlight. Next, to the man, there is a totally white image of a woman wearing a dress with her hand on her hip, around her is a white egg shape. On the left side of the image, there is a totally white image of a woman riding a bike and she has a white glow around her.

EVERYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM SPIRITUAL PROTECTION Spiritual protection is something that well-trained Mediums practice regularly. Regardless if one is a Medium or not,  invoking spiritual protection is a practice which everyone can benefit from. It can also be is so easy to do. WE ARE BOMBARDED BY ENERGY CONSTANTLY We exist in a world of energy, energy in various forms of density. From the air around us to the dense world of the formation and physicality, everything is made of up atoms and thus energy. Constantly we are exposed to all sorts of unseen energy. Energy can come from all sorts of places and we can bombard without even knowing it. Nowadays everyone is aware of energy emitted from wireless devices but not many are aware of energy emitted by other human beings or other spiritual sources. Few realize that…
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Celebrate Your Past

Image of clocks with the following words contained in the post written on it.

Our past contains joy and keys for growth, both important parts of it’s purpose. Our ability to remember the past should always be able to bring joy to our present. The kind of joy we cherish, the joy we always find in fond memories.  The trick is to remember when it comes to the past, it is not meant to bring us feelings of anguish. For when we get caught up in hard feelings, the past is no longer the past for we have brought it into the present.  Our challenge is to find the keys to uncover hidden lessons which are concealed in difficult memories. For when we are brave we unlock mysteries that uncover deep soulful learning. With this we truly free ourselves, we allow for the past to always bring joy to our present. Each of us…
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Different Types Of Mediums

Image of a red circle with a line through it meaning "No", under the symbol are the words one size fits all. On the other side of this are the words, clairvoyant mediums, psychic mediums, trance mediums, channeling mediums, and clairaudiant mediums.

One Size Does Not Fit All But Positive Intentions Always Work What Is A Medium When I am using the word medium on this site I am not in any way referring to the clothing size I wear. 😉 I am referring to a medium of which the definition is, a person who communicates with spirits or entities. This type of medium is certainly not measurable by any size chart, regardless of the country of origin. Also not measurable, is how one medium compares to another when it comes to communication styles, and abilities. This article speaks about different types of mediumship abilities and why a medium’s intentions are very important. Medium’s Abilities – Natural Or Developed There are many classes of mediums and many different types of mediumship abilities. Some mediums are natural using their gifts from childhood. Some natural mediums…
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