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Staying Connected, How To Ground In 6 Easy Steps

Header says "Staying Connected, How to ground in 6 easy steps". The header has an image of an outline of a green man with brown roots from his feet growing in to a globe of the earth. On top of the globe behind the man is an image of a tree.

Knowing how to keep Energetically Grounded is something which can benefit not only the sensitive by anyone. When a person’s spiritual energy is Un-Grounded their energy field can easily pick up and excess of energy from their environment. This can cause a person a multitude of issues which you can read about in the article called Energetic Grounding, 7 Easy Pointers On What It Is & Why Do It. Symptoms can include anxiety, feeling, spacey, an inability to concentrate, irritation, sudden mood changes, and more.

Being grounded is often defined as the process of being connected to the earth’s energy through our energetic system. This definition is very common in Spiritual Communities even though there is more to it. Many are unaware of how we are electrical beings composed of energy at our core. As energetic beings, we are also affected by the electrical charge of ions. Often we can become overcharged which affects our bodies energy field. This is part of why this process of us becoming aware of our energy field and doing what we can to help it with being grounded is so important.

Image of a silhouette of an outline of a green man with brown roots coming from his feet growing downwards, representing a grounded person.

We are physical energetic beings living on this physical energetic planet. We are connected to this place and time as long as we are alive. With our busy lives, our connection at times become weighed down or thinned out. This state of stress is known as being Un-Grounded.

The process of Grounding allows our bodies energy and energy field to discharge excess energy. It allows our bodies energy to maintain a stronger connection with the reality in which we exist, to the here and now.

For an individual who is sensitive Grounding may not be as easy of a task as it is for others. For those who work with spiritual energy such as spiritual readers, psychics, mediums, and those involved in spiritual healing modalities, grounding is an essential and important process. Sensitives and energy workers are more susceptible to picking up excess and foreign energies.

There are many ways to go about Energetically Grounding yourself and strengthening your re-connection with the energy of the earth while clearing yourself of excess energy through Grounding. Below are very simple methods yet they will work for many.

1. Proper Rest

image of an un-made bed with two pillows

The symptoms of lack of rest and being tired are often similar to symptoms of not being Grounded. Getting enough rest is a great way to help ensure you aid your body for physical reasons but, also for energetic ones as well. Proper rest always aides anyone in remaining Grounded.

Even though it may seem logical that we all need proper rest it is not always possible. There are definitely times when we have to function regardless if we have had proper sleep or not. Without proper rest, we can find ourselves more susceptible to becoming Un-Grounded thus amplifying the effects of feeling tired.

Being tired and Un-Grounded can both cause one to feel anxiety, feel spacey, an inability to concentrate, irritation, sudden mood changes, and more. To be sure that you are not just tired, and to see if you need to be more Grounded, you can make use of simple Grounding exercises. Below are visualizations which takes just moments to do and may be of assistance when you are tired to help you feel better.

Image of fruits and vegtables

2. Eating Regularly

Low blood sugar can cause a multitude of physical symptoms and can be damaging to our body, not to mention our bodies energetic system. Regular meals not only ensure our physical bodies health but, also allows proper flow of our energy and connection to life. Unknowingly many who are unaware of what grounding is may find themselves eating to settle many symptoms of being Un-Grounded. This is as eating is one of the easiest ways for a person to become grounded quickly.

3. Keeping Hydrated

Image of a glass of water.

Just as we need to eat when we are hungry to maintain the health of our body both physically and energetically, we also need to stay hydrated.
Our body is made of at least 60% of water which needs to be maintained daily. The reality is, however, that so many do not realize the importance of hydration. Next to eating, drinking non-stimulating drinks, is equally important for a person to achieve an energetic state of grounding.

4. The Use Of Rocks & Gemstones

Image of a piece of black tourmaline

Many individuals use rocks and gemstones to aid them with grounding. Any type of black stone may help with keeping grounded. The only exception to this is if you have high blood pressure, as then it is best to avoid Hematite. You can carry your black stone on your person or wear it as jewelry. When carrying the stone or wearing the stone, it is best worn around your wrist, around your ankles, or kept in your pocket.

One of the best stones to use for grounding is Black Tourmaline. It has many very useful properties but can be of particular help with grounding. Gemologist and founder of The Crystal Healing & Resonnace Centre,  Lilly Rahmann Ph.D. recommends anyone who works with any healing modality or is sensitive, to wear Black Tourmaline on their left ankle to assist them in remaining grounded. She will also encourage them to first learn how to use visualization exercises like those below before relying on the use of crystals and stones to maintain proper Energetic Grounding.

5. Earthing

Being close to nature can always be calming and centering. The connection to the earth allows our body to discharge excess energy easily and effortlessly. If you have ever hugged a tree you may have experienced this. A Cardiologist by the name of Dr. Stephen Sinatra actually discovered and researched the effects of natural grounding by connecting the earth.

Our bodies are constantly bombarded by positive ions in our daily life from numerous sources. Sources may originate from the types of buildings we live in, our lighting, electronic equipment, WiFi, and cellphones. With Earthing or Grounding our body benefits by the intake of negative ions, which help to counterbalance excess of positive charge in our bodies.

The technique of earthing can be as simple as going barefoot on the earth. You can read more about Earthing and Dr. Sinatra’s work in his book called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!, found on

6. Visualization

A very easy and fast method of Energetically Grounding yourself is to imagine you are standing in soil on the earth. Then imagine the feeling of the energy of the earth around your feet. After this you imagine pulling this energy up through the legs and into the spine, then all the way up to the top of the head, then imagine and feel this energy move throughout your body completely.  

Image of a silhouette of an outline of a green man with brown roots coming from his feet growing downwards, representing a grounded person.

This is one of the most common and effective visualization methods of Grounding. To expand the method mentioned above, in your minds eye picture a good strong tap root growing out from the center of the soul of your the foot into the earth. Alow the taproot to grow down about a good three to four feet into the earth and imagine these roots growing further out to establish a good root system extending about the circumference of your body.

Once you have this visualization of your bodies energy roots established, feel the connection to the earth through this root system. Then pull that feeling of this energy from the earth, up through the legs, into the spine, and all the way up to the top of the head. Once you have done this, then allowing the feeling of this earth energy to integrate throughout your complete body.

This methods of grounding using your own ability, Gemologist and Crystal Healer Lilly Rahmann Ph.D. recommends individuals become very familiar with first before relying on any stone to help with the grounding process.
Grounding in this manner can be performed whenever one wishes. Grounding is something very much required when anyone is performing any kind of psychic work, Mediumship, and energy healing, both before and after the work. It is also very beneficial when an individual is under any kind of stress or performing stressful work.

A Quick Side Note On Grounding Visualizations

There are many visualization exercises out there which use grounding methods. Many of these exercises involve imagining bringing energy from above your head, meaning from a spiritual source, before calling own strengthening your grounding energy to the here and now. While these methods may sound wonderful, it is highly recommended you always ground yourself using the earth’s energy and your own energy to the here and now, before you engage any spiritual energy from above.

The reasons for this are very logical. It is always better to strengthen and center yourself naturally with grounding before engaging any outside and or excess spiritual energy. This way you can naturally let go of any excess charge that your body may not be able to make use of. Also Grounding yourself before engaging any spiritual energy also aides in keeping yourself more spiritually protect as it assists in strengthening your auric field.

You Have Nothing To Loose By Trying Energetic Grounding

Regardless of whether you are a person who is involved in working with spiritual energy or not, taking the time to practice grounding methods may only aide you in your day to day life. These techniques are so simple and take very little time. There is nothing to lose by trying, and you may find you have so much to gain.

image of two doves in flight facing each other, they are holding a sunflower in their beaks together with its cut stem.

Eileen Gonzalez is a Medium in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She has been involved in Spiritualism for over 30 years and is an Ordained Minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship of Canada as well as being an Olorisha in the tradition of Lukimi. With her work she has served as a public demonstration medium, a public speaker and teaches classes on Mediumship, Energy Healing, Crystals and more.

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